In early spring 2011 I had a one hour conversation with bass player Eugene, who I had not seen or spoken for more than 25 years. I called him because I saw his ad on a website for musicians, which said that he was looking to form a power trio. While talking, however, and me coming from a totally different background of jazz and improvisational music, we agreed that we had to explore the options and the possibilities to create our own music. And so the adventure started a few weeks later when Eugene introduced Barend, a guitarist who also had a broad musical interest.

Today, three years underway now, we are still developing our own music, which has resulted in some very interesting pieces. Unfortunately, we have not been performing a lot, as today many musicians are struggling with the breakdown of cultural life and values. Below there’s a recording of a rehearsal with a piece called “Global Radiance”.

You can check our website for more information and other pieces.


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