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Close to Mandeville

A short history on the birth of a musical brotherhood

Today, January 12 2014, this unique band still exists. It is because of the spiritual foundation established back in 2005 that this musical brotherhood is still evolving and developing new musical ideas as well as musical skills and knowledge. This short anecdote, written years ago, gives an insight in the crucial developments at the very beginning. Developments and actions which had to take place in order to create the conditions for this ever evolving musical and spiritual brotherhood. Continue reading MUSIC THAT DEFIES IMAGINATION

Scott DeVeaux’ The Birth of Bebop

Van ideologisering naar universeel denken?

In The Birth of Bebop rekent de Amerikaanse musicoloog Scott DeVeaux af met de ‘ideologisch-romantische waas’ die nog altijd over de bebop zou hangen. Vele schrijvers, zo stelt hij, zouden zich vaak onbewust schuldig maken aan ‘politiek-ideologische mystificatie’ van de bebop, waarvan de oorzaak te weinig kennis van de historie van jazz muziek zou zijn. Continue reading Scott DeVeaux’ The Birth of Bebop